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Frequently Asked Questions

What will a therapy session with you look like?

Therapy sessions can look many ways, depending on what you are needing! My intention is to provide a space that is warm, authentic, and compassionate to help you work on your goals. I will bring my knowledge, skills, and resources into our sessions while honoring your intuition and wisdom about your needs. Clients often seek therapy with me to explore parts of their identities (sexual, gender, relationship structure, neurodivergence, etc.) with the intention to increase their awareness and acceptance of themselves. I work from an approach that is holistic and allows us to identify how societal and cultural expectations are impacting you to help you learn to evaluate which ones actually work in your life and which ones you'd like to let go of. We can also incorporate emotional regulation activities, mindfulness, self-compassion resources, executive functioning skills, and resources like worksheets, podcasts, or book recommendations into sessions when it feels helpful to you. 

Do you offer neuropsych evaluations? 

No, I do not provide neuropsych assessments or any cognitive testing. The collaborative assessment process that I provide is only to explore Autism and ADHD diagnosis. For folks where cognitive functioning needs to be assessed, such as traumatic brain injuries, intellectual/learning disabilities, or memory problems, a neuropsych evaluation from a clinical psychologist is recommended.

How do you assess for Autism and ADHD?

I approach assessment from a holistic, affirming space. I acknowledge that formal ADHD and Autism assessments rely on the pathological, deficit lens of the medical model. However, diagnosis through this model allows folks to access resources such as work or school accommodations. The process includes self-assessments, clinical interview, and use of diagnostic tools which can include the RBQ-2A, RAADS-R-, CAT-Q, ASRS-5, DIVA-5, and MIGDAS-2

Why would I want to be assessed for Autism?

Self-diagnosis is valid. Some people want to discuss their Autistic identity with a mental health professional for further exploration even when they have already recognized their Autistic identity. Others seek assessment to obtain the formal documentation to access accommodations in their school or workplace.

How do I get started?

Call, text, or email to set up a consultation. The free 15-minute phone (or video if preferred) consultation allows us to briefly discuss what you are looking for in this process, explore if I am a good fit for what you are needing, provide you with information on the process, and give you the opportunity to ask any questions. 

Are you in network with insurance? 

I am not in network with any insurance plans; however, many insurance plans offer out of network benefits. If you choose to utilize your out of network benefits, I can provide you with detailed statements to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. This option is available for regular sessions or assessment services. 

Why are you offering assessments? 

My intention is to make Autism assessment and exploration more accessible for more people. As a neurodivergent human who was diagnosed later in life, I have personal experience with the struggle to access affirming care and I want to be a support to others on their journey. 

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